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Simplify Your Restaurant's Relocation With A Few Useful Supplies

In some situations, relocation is one of the best things you can do for your business. Even though it is less common for a restaurant to have to relocate, it does happen, and when it does, the whole process of moving can be a huge undertaking. If you own a restaurant and you are facing a relocation, it will definitely take some prior planning and a lot of careful thought to get through the transition without having issues. The fact is, the supplies you use for the move will have a lot to do with helping the transition go smoothly. Here is a look at three moving supplies you should have to simplify your restaurant's relocation. 

Heavy-Duty Plastic Storage Bins

Using regular moving boxes is okay for some items, but when it comes to the items you want protected the most in your restaurant business, they do deserve a little added protection. Heavy-duty plastic storage bins are the perfect solution for moving items that have to be packed. These storage bins are beneficial because:

  • They keep whatever is inside clean and free from contaminants during the move
  • They are easily stored and stacked when you get to the new building 
  • They are durable enough to protect those breakable items you don't want to be damaged

Insulated Coolers

It is best to get rid of perishable food items before the planned move just so you don't have to deal with handling it. However, even shelf-stable food items sometimes need to be in a more temperature-controlled environment. For example, shelf-stable chocolate shouldn't be dropped in a box and placed in the back of a moving truck because it will melt. Pick up a few large insulated coolers that can be packed with ice if necessary to move those perishable items in your restaurant. 

Moving Pads

Moving pads, which are also sometimes called moving blankets, are a supply that most people associate with residential moves. However, these large pads will also be useful during your restaurant move. The moving pads can be wrapped around a cooler for added insulation during transit, placed between equipment pieces to prevent scuffs inside the moving truck, and used to protect things like upright ovens, furniture, and decor while it is being loaded. Moving pads also work well if you are moving something large and heavy and need to protect the floor from being scraped during the moving process.