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Packing And Crating Methods — Moving And Storage Cost Savers

If you will be moving cross country or overseas, moving and storage costs may be of concern. Use the packing and crating methods that follow to save money on transitioning from one residence to another. 

Elevated Shipments

Some freight carriers allow elevated shipments to be stored within cargo areas. Elevated shipments are ones that consist of multiple stacks of goods. The stacked formation takes up a minimal amount of floor space within a cargo area.

Elevated shipments must not exceed outlined weight restrictions. A freight carrier who accepts elevated shipments will specify which type of cargo containers goods can be packed in. Elevated shipments are often more cost-effective than having items stacked loosely across the floor within a cargo area.

Find out how much a freight carrier charges for this service. Then, compare it against the cost of traditional shipment methods.

Consolidated Shipments

Consolidated shipments consist of a series of crates or corrugated cardboard containers that are all grouped together. Instead of paying individual shipping costs that are based on the weight and size of a single package, a customer will be responsible for paying a flat fee that covers the cost of the combined dimensions and weight of the goods.

Consult with a shipping broker, to determine if seeking a consolidated shipment service is right for you. If you determine that you can save money by using this type of shipping method, all of the items being moved to your new home will be picked up at the same point of origin.

During the movement of the goods, you will have one tracking number that you can use to monitor the location of your items while they are being transported to their final destination.

Intermodal Transport

Intermodal transport involves having items shipped by several carriers. These carriers each offer a different mode of transportation. Freight trucks, airplanes, and ships are used during intermodal transport shipments.

Typically, a broker will set up an intermodal transport service.

A consumer will be notified of each leg of the journey, plus will be supplied with the cost of each transport service. An intermodal transport service is charged upfront. A consumer will need to pay one flat rate, which will cover all of the methods of transport that are used.

Reusable Products

Crates and pallets offer an economical way to ship household goods. Crates and pallets are often constructed of plywood or another wood variety. Crates and pallets are sturdy and reusable, making them smart shipping products to use for a household move.