Packing And Crating Methods — Moving And Storage Cost Savers

If you will be moving cross country or overseas, moving and storage costs may be of concern. Use the packing and crating methods that follow to save money on transitioning from one residence to another.  Elevated Shipments Some freight carriers allow elevated shipments to be stored within cargo areas. Elevated shipments are ones that consist of multiple stacks of goods. The stacked formation takes up a minimal amount of floor space within a cargo area.

3 Residential Moving Tips to Keep in Mind When Relocating As a Single Parent

Residential moving is a complicated process. Now, handling a move with kids without help can quickly become a nightmare. You'll have to find a way to pack, declutter, and clean while ensuring your kids are safe. However, you and your child can enjoy a smooth move into your new home with proper preparation and planning. Here are a few residential moving tips from a professional moving company to ensure a smooth move as a single parent.

3 Guidelines To Help You Get Rid Of Clutter When Moving

Moving is a complex process for most people, especially if they do not understand how to organize themselves prior to the process. The seamlessness of the moving process depends largely on how well you prepare beforehand. However, it is important to understand that the preparation process involves more than just calling the moving company and choosing the right packaging boxes. You need to assess everything you own carefully before the move and determine whether you need to take all of it to the new location.

Downsizing: Tips For Those Moving Into Smaller Homes

When you're about to move, it helps to consider the relative sizes of the home you're moving out of and the one you're moving into. This can help guide your moving approach. More specifically, if you're downsizing as a part of your move, you're going to need a somewhat different approach than if you were moving into a larger house. So, here are some tips to help you through a downsizing move.

Essential Tips for Choosing a Self-Storage Facility

If you don't have enough space in your home to store some of your possessions, you can try a self-storage facility. This facility rents space on a short-term basis, mainly month-to-month but long-term leases are also available. The space is highly secured since you have your own lock and key. Also, you have total control of the space since the facility's employees don't have access to the content of your space.

3 Ways To Prepare For An Upcoming Move

Moving an entire household can be a difficult task. Hiring a moving company is a great way to help simplify, but there is so much prep work involved before they show up! Here are three ways you can help simplify moving day and pace yourself: Hire The RIGHT Movers A simple internet search will provide you with hundreds of moving and storage companies. The sheer number of options you find can be overwhelmingly hard to navigate.

Four Benefits Of Storage Units

The decision to use a storage unit is a great way to know your items are protected while they are away from you. Personal storage is available for people needing a place to temporarily store their belongings while living in a small space or in times of transition from one place to another. Here are several reasons why storage units can help you. Less Stuff Around the House Having less of your belongings inside your home or apartment can help you to have less stress as there is not much clutter lying around your home.

Tips For Protecting Your Belongings From Dust And Mold While In A Storage Unit

Items kept in storage tend to collect dust and take on a musty odor. That might make the idea of renting a storage unit less than appealing when your home is short on space. However, you can rent a climate-controlled storage unit that is better for your belongings than keeping them in a shed, garage, or attic. Here's how to protect your clothing, furniture, and other belongings from dust, mildew, and musty odors while they're in storage.

Responsible For Planning A Move With Your Partner? 3 Tips To Make It Easier

Getting ready for a move where you're going to be handling most of the planning can be overwhelming, especially when your partner is busy and leaving most of the work to you. While you can certainly hire movers to handle every aspect of the move, this can quickly become expensive and may not fit the budget that you're trying to work with. To make things easier for you, consider the following tips that will help ensure that your move goes much more smoothly.

Tips For Moving Large Pieces Of Furniture

If you are moving from one house to another, then it may be time for you to think about the way that you are going to get your furniture out of your home and into your new one. This is especially true if you have large and bulky items that are difficult to get through hallways and doorways. You can and should speak with movers if you feel that you cannot move the furniture on your own.